Yelp 11/3/2014  yelp

I have been a client of Adair and Associates for 10+ years.  I started by getting a massage every couple of months.  I now get a massage once a month.  More frequently if I have an area that needs attention sooner.  I have persistent pain in my shoulder and neck that always feels so much better after I have had a massage.  I really appreciate their willingness to work me in if my shoulder suddenly tightens up.  I also appreciate the therapists remembering what areas they can apply more pressure and which areas not as much.   I highly recommend Adair and Associates for massage therapy.  –Julie

Yelp  10/29/2014

I have been getting massages from Adair & Associates for 20 years. During this time, every massage has been phenomenal! No matter what or where the aches and pains are (and I have had many in 20 years), these gifted massage therapists have always made me feel immensely better and refreshed until my next massage!  I have never been rushed during a session. They always take the time necessary to work the kinks and knots out of my creaky body. They are not clock watchers. I believe that it takes a special and caring individual to be a good massage therapist. The massage therapists at Adair & Associates exhibit these qualities every time, year after year! I highly, HIGHLY, recommend Adair & Associates for you and your entire family!   –Stoo

Facebook   10/31/2013   facebook_pagelink

I have been going to Adair and Associates for 17 years and I can’t say enough about how wonderful they have been to me during that time. They have helped me when I was in severe pain and for regular “routine maintenance” and I have always felt like family.  –Bob

Facebook  8/17/2013

I am blessed to work for a company that cares about its people enough to offer wellness opportunities such as massages right in the office. Adair and Associates has been making services available to us for several years. I had my first hour massage with Zuni at Adair today.  While I’ve gotten massages many other places over the years, Zuni is incredible at finding my stress and tension spots. It is truly a miracle what massage can do for not only your body but your well being. As a fitness coach, I have a true need for regular massage. I will be canceling my membership with another place and I will be coming back to Adair! On top of that, it was Brett’s first massage EVER and he is definitely hooked! I highly recommend both Zuni and Debbie at Adair and Associates.  –Brooke

Citysearch 9/11/2008
You won’t be disappointed!

I discovered Adair and Associates about a year ago, and now I can’t quit! Back then, I had persistent back and neck aches, but between their treatments and advice, I no longer have those issues. Now I go back for maintenance and just because they do such an incredible job!

I’ve been to massage therapists in several cities, but have found Adair to be just as professional as the big spas, but more relaxed, friendly, and comfortable. They’re easy to reach, flexible with scheduling, and all of the therapists really care about your health and well-being.  They’re glad to offer tips and share wisdom. And, it doesn’t matter which therapist you get … you can’t go wrong. All of them are awesome! Ask me how I know. 😉

Every time I get a treatment, I think they can’t possibly do this great a job consistently, but every time they do!!  -mre47